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CHOICE HOUSING LTD is an independent housing association and a Not-For-Profit Organisation that was set up in 2004 by Robert Mellors.  We are registered and regulated as a "not for profit" organisation with Companies House.


We are based in North Nottinghamshire, but have properties in various locations around the country, with the majority in Sheffield and Worksop.


We offer a range of self-contained family homes and supported shared accommodation for single people.  We accept referrals from various homelessness organisations.


W H O   W E   A R E

Choice Housing Ltd run a "private sector leasing scheme" which leases residential properties from owner landlords, usually on a series of 5 year renewable leases, and this enables Choice Housing Ltd to respond quickly to the housing needs of its applicants, while offering the maximum security and income consistency to the property owners.  If you are a landlord with a property you may wish to lease to us, please use the contact form (left) to request further details of how this scheme works, and the benefits of the scheme for both landlords and the tenants.


In addition to letting properties, Choice Housing Ltd also offers support to its residents in the areas of welfare benefits, debt management, employment, health, and housing.  This support is offered to all residents free of charge, regardless of their income.


Choice Housing Ltd currently advertise self-contained property vacancies, e.g, family homes, on the Gumtree website.


Hostel vacancies are usually advised to the referring homelessness organisations, who will then make referrals to us.  Please contact us for details of the referring organisations.

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